12 June, 2013

My Favorite Board Games on my iPhone - *warning Geekiness

Well, I love board games. Especially those strategy games, like Agricola or Dominion. The Euro games are becoming pretty popular now a days (and by "popular" I mean not so much a bunch of anti-social guys in a basement). Anyways, my brother got me into table top gaming, he's huge on the collecting. So I get to try out all his games! However, now I am in a different city and feeling quite boardgame-less (word?). Which means  I have to resort to other ways to get my gaming fix. One of the cool things about the iphone is that a number of great board games have been adapted for it. Here's my list!

 Ticket to Ride
-Ok, obviously a great game, very popular. Easy to learn, lots of variation on the different boards available. The iphone version is great, and you can play against the AI or fellow real people. The AI's vary from easy to very very difficult. Especially if you play against more than one AI player at a time. Downside? The music get's INTO YOUR HEAD.

>>Check out Geek and Sundry's TableTop blog where Wil Wheton plays the boardgame version of this with celebrities (well, various known tv actors) here. 

Roll Through the Ages
-This game was practically made for iphone, I swear. Fits like a glove. Also, love the expansion with the ships, gives the game another element. You can play against other people as well, in play'n pass. Doesn't have crazy cool graphics, but neither does the real game. Simple, elegant and fun.

-This game is great for iphone, mostly because when I play the real board game I end up spending waaaay too long figuring out how to use my dice to my best advantage. On my iphone? I can take as looong as I want. haha. Great graphics, not too easy to win, and pretty much exactly the same game play as the board version.

-Cute game, cute app. Pretty sure some of the rules changed, but since I played to app before the RL version, hard to tell. Basically, collect sets of cute animals, make babies, and sell hotdogs.

-Haven't had a chance to play this one, but I've downloaded it!! Reviews so far look great, and the graphics are just like the RL game. The RL game is a mindbender (wow, after playing it I always feel wiped! But in a good way) so I imagine the iphone app will be about the same. Reviews to follow!!

-Ok, first bad review. Honestly, not my favorite board game to start with, and the app just seems...off. Couldn't seem to win EVER (and no, I'm not that bad at board games). Maybe I need to retry? Anyone out there actually play and enjoy this one??

Yup, another good one. Not super hard or anything, more of just a fun puzzle game. Can play solo, against AI, or play n' pass. Easy controls, and soooothing music.

Reiner Knizia brings us another winner! I got SO addicted to this one, so I had to uninstall it. lol. It gets progressively harder and harder, so your constantly challenged. Also, you can take as long as you want on your turn so there's strategy and not just adreneline charged button pressing. Ok, ALSO - not sure if this is just for iphone/ipad or if it is also a board game. Guys??

Alright, so that's my line up right now. Stay tuned as I try out Agricola, Dix-it, and Elder Signs.

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