23 August, 2013

Sketching at the Zoo!!

Had an awesome day trip to the Vancouver Zoo today!! Went with a sketching buddy, and we totally sketched up and down the whole place.

First we checked out the lions and tigers (oh my!). It was feeding time, so we got to see them up close, but behind giant fences. 

Ran through the "North American Trail" area, turned the corner and BAM giant elk with giant antlers, four of them, right beside the fence. We nearly fell over each other trying to capture them before they decided to move away.

When we got to the female elk pen, they were nowhere in sight. Within a minute, however, they started trotting over to us, as if they were excited to get drawn. The whole herd arrived, stood there while we drew them, then meandered off. Crazy! 

We managed to hit the wolf enclosure exactly when they were being fed a snack, and we were the only ones around. One wolf was visible, but the other suddenly and silently appeared out of the trees. They both came near the fence to receive the food, then silently disappeared. Although I did some sketches, the quick movements and short timing means they aren't super great. 

The giraffe (single) in the Vancouver Zoo is in a treeless pen, and was stripping the last tiny leaves off of a tiny tree just barely within reach outside the pen. Luckily it was right beside the viewing area, so the giraffe really WAS this close. Gorgeous lashes, gentle movements, and such a graceful animal.

Bald Eagles




Some kinda....antelope??

The alligators were the last stop, and we were both getting tired. But one last attempt, then we took off for home. 

Croc hiding in the corner of my sketchbook...

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